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Law Journal Issue Devoted Entirely to “Breaking Bad” TV show


AMC’s “Breaking Bad”

Even if you’re not interested in going to law school, this special submission of New Mexico’s Law School Journal on legal topics of the AMC hit TV show “Breaking Bad” is fascinating. (Link to journal).

The titles alone should be enough to suck you in, such as this one:  “Stuck Between A Rock and a Meth Cooking Husband: What Breaking Bad’s Skyler White teaches us about how the war on drugs and public antipathy constrain women of circumstance’s choices”. (Link to article)

Wall Street Law Blog gives a great summary of the journal’s contents.

Makes me want to watch the show again.

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Law School Resources to Bookmark (or follow on Twitter) Part 1: Wall Street Journal Law Blog



Today I wanted to mention the Wall Street Journal Law Blog, which is a fantastic resource for Prelaw students wanting to learn more about the legal profession; big cases, professional trends, varying facets of law and judicial politics. It’s one of those resources to check out regularly to remain abreast of legal topics.

Don’t forget they have subsections,that have a direct URL, such as the Law School Blog.

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Making use of LSAT Practice Tests

This article has some good suggestions on how to best approach going through LSAT practice tests – after all, taking practice tests is perhaps at the very “core” of the studying strategy around the LSAT, considering how important it is to become well acquainted with the types of questions asked, how much time you have, strategies to employ, and general “feel” of the exam. Link to article.

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2015 Albany Law School Fellowship for SUNY Students

SUNYLegalWebBanner 72dpi


Albany Law School is offering a $17,000 annual tuition discount for a total of $51,000 or more for this upcoming Fall 2015 admission to SUNY graduates. For additional information, you can visit their website or contact their admissions office.

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Upcoming Prelaw Webinars

From the Michigan State University College of Law, who are providing some interesting upcoming Webinars and a recording of a previous one as well.  If interested, I’d encourage you to register for these upcoming ones.

Exploring and Planning for Law School:  Expert Advice for First- and Second-Year College Students  

I’m pleased to share with you a recording and slides of last Wednesday’s webinar featuring insights from three highly experienced pre-law advisors.  I invite you to share this recording with your advisees who are exploring or planning for law school.

 Webinar Presenters:   Kevin Freeman, Pre-Law Advisor and Program Manager for the Politics, Society and Law Scholars Program at The Ohio State University; Allyson Lowe is Pre-Law Advisor and Interim Dean of the College of Leadership and Social Change at Carlow University; and, Karen Severn is Coordinator of Prelaw and PrePharmacy Advising at Texas A & M University.


Upcoming Webinars for Pre-Law Students

Your advisees are welcome to join us for upcoming webinars:

Legal Education and the Future of Law: Views from the Dean’s Office

Co-Hosted by the Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors (NAPLA) |February 4, 2015  

View the Recording»     View the Slides»

This webinar featured insights from deans at four law schools — UCLA, George Washington, Brooklyn, and Michigan State, with comments about the changes that have occurred in the profession and how law schools have and are responding.

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Internship Opportunity Fall 2015

The SBI Undergraduate Legal Research Program seeks to provide competitively-selected undergraduates with an introduction to legal research, analysis, and writing. The class is organized as a quasi-independent study; the instructional sessions are designed to introduce the research tools and legal analysis skills necessary to choose a topic and produce a research paper and informational pamphlet for distribution at the SBI Legal Assistance Office. For their participation in the program, students earn three (3) elective credits through the UB Millard Fillmore College (MFC 499).

This program provides student researchers with:
 Instruction in case analysis and briefing;
 Instruction in legal writing strategies and styles;
 Instruction in legal research methods available to undergraduates;
 Doctrinal instruction from a law school professor and a legal research specialist;
 Provision of a law student mentor for research guidance and assistance;
 Structured and feedback-intensive development of a research topic and paper;
 Observation of a law school class; and,
 A presentation from a law school admissions officer to discuss the law school application process and requirements.

This program will develop the students’ skills in research and writing while allowing for close coordination with law students and legal professionals. Candidates for this program should have some experience with academic research, though no specific job history or academic major is required for consideration. All majors are welcomed, and can choose a topic pertinent to both the study of law and their academic major. A syllabus will be handed-out providing deadlines and rubric for all assignments after a final selection of all students has been made.

All applicants must be currently registered undergraduate students at UB
in their sophomore, junior, or senior year.

Send the following in a single e-mail to with the Subject Line “Researcher Application”:
1.) Letter of Interest; 2.) Resume; 3.) Academic Writing Sample; and, 4.) Unofficial College Transcript.
All application materials must be received via e-mail to
by Friday 17th April 2015 at 5:00pm.

Michael Charles Cimasi, Esq.
Director, SBI Legal Assistance
315 Student Union
SUNY at Buffalo – North Campus Buffalo, New York 14260
Phone: 716-645-3056 Fax: 716-645-2098

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Who Rules Big Data? Law, Knowledge, and Power – 2015 Mitchell Lecture



The 2015 Mitchell Lecture will address the issues facing a modern technologically interconnected society and how these new developments relate to important legal themes.  The annual event will be held this year at 2:00 p.m on March 27th in Room 106 of O’Brian Hall in the law school, followed by a reception. This event is free and open to the public. UB undergraduate students and anyone interested in these important themes is encouraged to attend!


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UB Law School Improves its US News & World Report Ranking




University at Buffalo Law School improves it’s overall US & World Report Ranking spot, amidst  internal changes and during a time when the legal profession in general is undergoing significant reconstruction. An interesting read by the Buffalo News, and congratulations UB Law School!

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Top Undergraduate UB students with option to waive LSAT requirement


The UB Law School will be providing an opportunity to students with high GPA and Standardized Test scores to waive the LSAT requirement and be assured admission into the law school program. More information can be found in this article here.

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Lawyers of Agents of Social Change event at Chautauqua Institution this Summer!

Lawyers as Agents of Social Change

August 8-15, 2015

Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, NY

 What Does This Experience Entail?

The Extension Learning Experience “Lawyers as Agents of Social Change” will be a unique faculty-led experience that will allow students to explore the role of lawyers as counselors and agents of social change in local, national, and global contexts. The focus will be on both the socio-historical context of the Nuremberg Trials and current legal issues. Students will observe court proceedings, dissect primary legal documents, and read context narratives to prepare them for their experiential learning modules. Students will explore how different communities and belief systems influence laws and legal institutions. Students will also take time to recognize the achievements and impact of Justice Jackson, a local lawyer who became a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, on the national and global scale and discuss how each person has the ability to advocate for, and participate in, social change.

 Why Should You Participate?

  • Opportunities to gain an understanding of the role jurists, practitioners, and support staff play in local, national, and global forums.
  • Identify and describe how local, national, and international laws are influenced by different communities and belief sets.
  • Develop an understanding of the role of the United States in the wider global community and the ability to critically evaluate legal issues and assess potential outcomes.
  • Gain 1 academic credit

Registration Cost:$1,200, which includes tuition and fees for 1 academic credit | Registration Deadline:March 13, 2015

To register,visit the Academies on UB Linked

For more information, visit review the attached brochure!

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